3° Rencontres Musicales Internationnales de haute-Maurienne Vanoise

The Third Rencontres Musicales Internationnal de Haute-Maurienne Vanoise is an event organized by the association  Ce Qu’on Entend Sur La Montagne ( –What We Hear On The Mountain) to help young artists to demonstrate them musical skills.

This year, the third meeting take place on the Week of the 11th June 2018 under the artistic direction of the italian pianist Giovanni BELLUCCI.

This way, you’ll assist to several flash concerts every days of the Week, one masterclasse on Wednesday, 11th or also simulators of internationnal contests : opportunity for young musicians to expose them talent to everyone.

And to 2 great concerts to start and ending this Week :

  • opening gala :  “Jeux…interdits”  with Maestro Bellucci playing piano and a choregraphy of Eugénie ANDRIN – salle des fêtes de Modane on Sunday of June : 10th at 6: pm.
  • final concert intra muro of fort Redoute Marie-Thérèse with Isa TROTTO then Marie CARRIERE, playing piano accompagnied by LES CHAMBRISTES (string orchestra)


  • opening gala : €15 and €3.
  • final concert : €12 and €3
  • simulator contest : €5 and €2.
  • masterclasse : free
  • PASS to participate in all event :  €25

For more informations :