Fresh air and sun in the mountains !

To look at summer (and life!) through rose-tinted glasses, spend it surrounded by nature. A multitude of activities is possible not far from the residence : hiking on the trails and over glaciers, mountain biking, rock-climbing, via ferrata, tree-top adventure parks, paragliding, canyoning…and if rest and relaxation is more your cup of tea, you can lay back on your terrace and simply enjoy the view of the Alps.

Avrieux : culture and sports

During the warmer months, there are many interesting activities and events for both children and adults in the village.

Religious and architectural heritage :

  • Saint-Thomas Becket Baroque church decorated during the XVII century with beautiful sculptures and paintings, is testament to a flamboyant Baroque era.
    There are guided visits every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm in winter and in summer. Bookings must be made in advance during the rest of the year. Adult price : 3€.
  • The Marie-Thérèse fortress, a unique Sardinian citadel in France at an altitude of 1 500m. There is a permanent exhibition showing the evolution of the fort’s architecture and themed games for children from 7-15 years of age. Adults : 4€

Arts and crafts :

Visit the village centre to discover the craftsmanship of the glass blower in his workshop.

Outdoor sports :

Some examples of nearby activities :

  • The Diable via ferrata : This dizzyingly high climb over the Arc river gorge is made up of 7 independent trails. The whole loop is 3 760 metres long, making it the longest via ferrata in France.
  • The Parc du Diable : An adventure park for children and adults making discovery of the Esseillon site exciting. The Anges zip wire will carry you more than 150 metres in the air across the Arc gorge…
  • Rock climbing : A limestone cliff under the Marie Christine fortress with a large variety of climbing routes is open to all levels (from 4 to 8a).
  • Esseillon hiking trails : Explore the Esseillon site and Avrieux by following the marked trails with information panels.
  • The Saint-Benoit waterfall : This breathtaking waterfall with a height of 50m was the setting for the first scenes of the film « Les Rivières Pourpres » (Mathieu Kassovitz). There is a picnic area.

Relaxing activities :

Plein Soleil is not far from :

  • The Vanoise National Park, with its rich variety of wildlife and vegetation
  • Fishing spots : The Arc river has brown trout in abundance.
  • For those who prefer relaxing : Plein Soleil residence has sunshine and peace and quiet all year round !

10 minutes from the residence

La Norma

Summer in La Norma is synonymous with entertainment and activities for the whole family.

The Vanoise National Park, mountain passes, fortresses, Baroque art, sports activity trails and villages typical of the region are all excellent reasons for a walk…

There are numerous sporting activities : hiking (marked trails leave from the resort), rock-climbing, via ferrata, canyoning, mountain biking, sports tournaments, early morning gym workouts…


Summer in Aussois is the perfect place for family hiking, mountaineering and for discovering the region’s wildlife and plants.

There are many activities to choose from : mountain biking, rock-climbing, mountaineering, via ferrata, mountain boarding, air tubby, bike park, cycling, archery, mini-golf, fishing, canyoning, donkey rides, hiking…

A rich and varied heritage : L’Arche d’Oé museum, the church and chapels, Notre Dame de la Paix oratory, the Comba Collet cross, the Vanoise National Park, the communal oven, the Esseillon fortresses, Plan d’Amont and Plan d’Aval dams, the Lozes rock etchings…

Events like the Rhône-Alpes Mountain Biking Cup and the Pays de Savoie cycling tour…

20 minutes from the residence


Valfrejus has 25km of marked trails leaving from the resort but you can also hike in the Vanoise National Park. You can go up to the Arrondaz plateau by gondola and hike to the Orgère valley or to Mont Thabor at 3 177m altitude. In Valfrejus, there is also a via ferrata, horseriding and mountain bike tracks, etc.

Val Cenis

Val Cenis is at the centre of many hiking trails and is also a tremendous playground for children and adults alike : hiking and mountaineering, rock-climbing, via ferrata, paragliding, tree-top adventure parks, mountain biking, etc…