Sun and fun

Do you love nature and snow-capped mountains ? Do you enjoy skiing and snowshoeing ? By staying at Plein Soleil residence, just a few minutes from the surrounding ski resorts, you have access to both peace and quiet and numerous activities.

Avrieux, an authentic village

Discover the religious heritage in the village and the fortresses surrounding it.

The « musts » :

  • Saint-Thomas Becket Baroque church : decorated during the XVII century with beautiful sculptures and paintings, is testament to a flamboyant Baroque era.
    There are guided visits every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm in winter and in summer. Bookings must be made in advance during the rest of the year. Adult price : 3€.
  • The Marie-Thérèse fortress, a unique Sardinian citadel in France at an altitude of 1 500m. There is a permanent exhibition showing the evolution of the fort’s architecture and themed games for children from 7-15 years of age. Adults : 4€

Visit the village centre and discover the craftmanship of the glass blower in his workshop.

Le forfait ESKI-MO : 1 seul forfait pour 5 stations

The ESKI-MO ski pass : 1 ski pass for 5 ski resorts ! The ESKI-MO ski pass gives you access to more than 300 km of ski runs ! It is valid in Valfrejus + Aussois + La Norma + Val Cenis Vanoise + Bonneval sur Arc. There are free shuttles linking these ski areas for holders of valid Eski-Mo ski passes. For more information :

10 minutes from the residence


La Norma

La Norma is a people-friendly, car-free family resort. It will charm you with its snow front, proximity to the ski runs, fresh air and friendly people…It is situated on a vast, wooded plateau at 1 350m altitude with a view of the Vanoise and the Arc river Haute Vallée massifs (Maurienne). Its north-westerly exposure guarantees a good quality of snow all through winter.

The ski area :
The peak of La Norma is the highest summit (2 917m). The ski resort is spread out over 700 hectares, from 1 350m altitude to 2 750m altitude and consists of : a ski area of 65km, 14 ski lifts and 27 ski runs.

Other activities :

  • Bowling :, 2 lanes and a pub with a lounge at Babbalou’s
  • An ice-skating rink :, outdoor synthetic ice-skating
  • Dog-sledding
  • Snake Gliss :, from the top of the gondola
  • Sledding :, on the snow front at the Avenieres ski run
  • A cinema :, at the Chalet le Grand Air
  • A recreation hall :, on the 1st floor of the Maison de La Norma



Aussois is a small, south-facing village in the Savoie combining tourist trade and quality of life. An open plateau, an altitude of 1 500m and a southern exposure…guarantee sunshine from  morning to evening !

Aussois has the quality label « Famille Plus Montagne ». The resort is dedicated to the well-being of its younger clientele and has some equipment specially adapted to children : two beginner ski-lifts, the children’s ski parks belonging to the ski schools in the resort (ESF & ESI), a safe sled run, a playground reserved for children under 6, a quiet area, a kindergarten called « Les Pitchouns » for children from 3 months to 5 years of age.

The ski area :

The downhill ski area is sunny and varied, spread out over 55km between 1 500m and 2 750m altitude and is adapted to all levels of skiers with 21 ski runs and 10 ski lifts.

The Monolithe cross-country ski area has 30km of marked and prepared classic and skate skiing tracks between Aussois and Sardieres.

Other activities:

  • Paragliding
  • Dog-sledding
  • Boarder cross
  • Snowshoeing
  • Ski touring
  • Via ferrata
  • Zip wires
  • Snake gliss, snow tubing, big air bag, sledding…

In winter, a payable shuttle makes the rounds several times a day.


20 minutes from the residence


With the Thabor massif as a backdrop, Valfrejus offers wonderful, quality skiing for all levels. Surrounded by larch and spruce, the wood and flagstones used for the residences in Valfrejus reflects the environment. At the summits, of which Mont Thabor is the highest at 3 178m, there is a spectacular view.

The ski area :

There are 24 ski runs (3 green – 11 blue – 6 red – 4 black) over 70km.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced skier, a speed rider or a free rider, you will find something to suit your needs in Valfrejus. The Jeu ski run, 12km long, which winds its way down the mountain is the perfect example of how this ski area is adapted to its natural surroundings.

Othe activities :

  • 2 sled runs of 2km each at the « Bob Park »
  • 1 boarder cross
  • snowshoeing
  • Discovery of the wildlife and vegetation in the Vanoise National Park


Val Cenis

Located in the Vanoise National Park and right next to Italy, Val Cenis is extremely welcoming as it has played host to pilgrims and travellers alike throughout the ages. At the top of the ski area, at 2 800m altitude, there is a magnificent, panoramic view of the Mont-Cenis lake and the Vanoise National Park.

There are two specially designed educational and recreational areas for children :

Estiv Parc in Val Cenis Lanslebourg, tells children about the adventures of a cow on its way back down the mountain from its Alpine pastures.

Déboule Parc in Val Cenis Lanslevillard, invites children to play with a snowflake until they eventually become a snowman.

SThe ski area :
Alpine skiing : an area of 125km (1 300m – 2 800m), with 56 ski runs, 26 ski lifts and 1 500m incline.
Cross-country skiing : 30km of tracks for each area : Val Cenis Bramans and Val Cenis Sardières.

Other activities :

  • Nordic activities : walking and snowshoeing trails, themed walks around the ski area accessible by ski lift, dog sledding.
  • Various new types of snow activities : snowtubing, bodyboarding, yooner, xbiking, snowkiting, snakeglisse
  • Sledding, ice-skating, bobsleighing, frozen waterfall climbing
  • Ski touring : numerous opportunities in the Vanoise National Park and around Mont-Cenis.


The 3 Valleys via Orelle

Les 3 Vallées forment bien le plus grand domaine skiable du monde ! Elles regroupent 8 stations de ski (Courchevel, La Tania, Méribel, Brides-les-Bains, Les Ménuires, Saint-Martin de Belleville, Val-Thorens et Orelle) reliées entre elles par un maillage de remontées mécaniques et de pistes uniques.

Orelle/Val Thorens ski area :

  • A ski area of 150km
  • 100% of the ski area is above 1 800m altitude
  • 1 500m incline
  • 30 ski lifts
  • 68 ski runs : 8 green, 27 blue, 25 red, 8 black.

Le domaine skiable des 3 Vallées :

  • A ski area of 600km linked by ski runs
  • 321 Alpine ski runs
  • 1 512 hectares of prepared ski runs
  • 62 000m collective incline
  • 1169 ski lifts
  • More than 2 100 snow guns
  • 35 000 hectares of nature
  • A collective 105km2 (10 500 hectares) in which to have fun