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As part of the “France Relance” program, we have decided to participate in the development of local tourism. The teams of Alentour and the Residence have joined forces to offer you a range of activities to do during your vacations.

You wish to organize an event? A personalized program of activities for a unique vacation (sports, well-being, with family or friends, weekend/stay circuit)? Contact us and get your dedicated program in only 48 hours!

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Accrobranche at Akroparc de la Vanoise

Located on the heights of Val Cenis, on the edge of the Vanoise National Park in Savoie (73), easily accessible from Modane (20 min).

Akroparc de la Vanoise is located in a magnificent forest belonging to the National Forestry Office. It welcomes young and old adventurers on its 9 unlimited accessible courses, one of which offers a panoramic view on the Dent Parachée! At Akroparc, everyone can try the joys of accrobranche on progressive courses, from beginners (from 5 years old) to the most sportive, with platforms up to 20 meters high.

Gloves are mandatory (provided with the purchase of an accrobranche entry).

Therapeutic hike in the archaeological park of Lozes – Aussois

The originality of this particular hike, but oh so effective in terms of appeasement, is to bring you a real therapeutic care in the open air, in the heart of an authentic and diversified nature (open landscape and forest). Our itinerary will be dominated by the Scots pine, the friend of our respiratory tracts. The Scots pine is recognized as one of our healing trees, which is very much used in forest baths, also called “Sylvotherapy”, which is a very recognized practice, especially in Japan, for its relaxing effects.

You will understand that we will walk in the middle of nature, we will breathe, we will exchange in all confidence and benevolence. We will do movements from Yogatherapy, Qi Gong and other disciplines, we will take all our time for yourself. Once in a state of relaxation, release, detachment and letting go, it is time for a treatment.

In accordance with the law, this practice is an accompaniment to healing, a therapeutic complement and not an alternative to medicine. It does not replace any medical or surgical treatment that has been prescribed.

Mountain’Kart descent in Val Cenis Vanoise

The Mountain’Kart, an effortless mountain descent activity for the whole family from 10 years old!

In Savoie, the Vanoise massif is famous for its landscapes, its fauna and its flora. It is an ideal place to recharge your batteries and discover a range of original and fun activities.

As its name indicates, the Mountain’Kart is a kart designed to descend the rocky mountain paths. It is an activity that can be practiced without any particular experience, the main thing is to have the hands on the handlebars! Children over 10 years old are welcome, provided they are over 1m45 tall. You can discover the Haute Maurienne with your family, or with friends, with a view on the Vanoise summits!

Join “Sensations Vanoise” in Val Cenis and discover the region in an unusual way with the Mountain’Kart!

Hydrospeed in the white water at Val Cenis

Discover white water swimming on these intriguing floats! Enjoy a refreshing sport activity with family or friends in Val Cenis!

Discover the activity of Hydrospeed, white water swimming. Float down the river with the help of a float and fins.

You will be amazed by the Arc River and the incredible nature that surrounds it. You will swim in the rapids while playing with the currents, and you will surf in a different way on the mountain white water waves.

This fun and refreshing activity is accessible to everyone, but be careful not to overestimate your physical abilities, as it is above all a sport.

Don’t wait any longer to challenge the currents of the river, and enjoy a fun moment, under the watchful eye of your instructor.

Discovery of the Aquasensations in Val Cenis

Discover an aquatic adventure, accessible to all, in the altitudes of Val Cenis, and enjoy the different aquatic and playful workshops with your family or friends!

The aquatic workshops proposed are spread over the two lakes, one mainly dedicated to slides, the other a course with zip lines, and different games at the water’s edge.

On your bodyboard, you will slide down the slides to the water and on one of them you will even be able to make a small jump.

Agility will be required to brave the different workshops present on the second lake of the aquatic base. You will also find zip lines and various balance games. For more challenge and fun… be aware that some workshops may be easier for adults, but others will be easier for children!

A fun and refreshing moment to share with family, friends or colleagues.