Travel guide 2024


The 2024 Travel Guide is now available!

If the French Alps are a symphony of peaks, the Haute Maurienne is the perfect note. Our Travel Guide takes you on an adventure to the heart of this Alpine treasure.


  • General information to remember: travel, discounts with our partners, tourist office numbers, etc.
  • The true history of Avrieux
  • Nearby resorts: Outdoor enthusiasts will find plenty to do here, with hiking trails winding through flower-filled meadows, crystal-clear lakes and dense forests. Sports enthusiasts can immerse themselves in renowned resorts, discovering perfectly groomed slopes and snow-covered panoramas as far as the eye can see.
  • A suggestion of activities and other services available in the Haute-Maurienne valley
  • We recommend the following restaurants, as local gastronomy is a must. Taste cheese delights, authentic Savoyard dishes and local wines in the cosy village inns.

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Let yourself be guided by the welcoming spirit of Haute Maurienne, where every encounter, every landscape, becomes a page in your own Alpine story. It’s much more than a trip, it’s an immersion in the soul of the Alps, orchestrated by Haute Maurienne!

See you soon.